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The word "Restore" from old French restorer has many meanings, including to bring back to a state of health, soundness, or vigor. We believe the name reflects our business as well as our values. The only neuro-rehabilitation center in Eastern Africa Restore’s mission is to promote healing, provide hope, preserve dignity and produce value for each patient, resident, family member, customer, employees we serve.
Restore offers the only free-standing neuro-rehabilitation facilities in the nation devoted to the care of patients with an acquired brain injury. Hundreds of Kenyans suffer brain trauma each year, mostly from car crashes, falls, violence, and sports accidents. Many of them suffer severe brain damage that causes long-term debilitation from strokes, tumors, anoxia, and other non-congenital brain injuries. Many more are unaware they've been injured, and experience more subtle symptoms like disorientation, headaches, memory loss, and personality changes.
Offered only at Restore Center in Nairobi, we offer the following continuum of Neuro-rehabilitation Services:

  • Brain Injury Inpatient Rehabilitation
  • Outpatient Neuro-rehabilitation

While we may be a distance from your home, give your family member the best chance to recover. Our specially trained clinical staff, including physicians, case managers, therapists and nurses, set aggressive goals and establish treatment plans based on each patient's neurological diagnosis.  We continuously evaluate results and progress to help patients recover their physical, communicative and cognitive abilities, while emphasizing a renewed sense of accomplishment, self-esteem and control.

Short-term stay

As a caring bridge between hospital and home, our Short-Stay Services provide our patients with excellent care in a warm, family-oriented environment. Speeding recovery and returning our patients home as quickly as possible are our primary goals, with each Center's clinical care team supporting patients and their families during their stay.

The Rehabilitation Choice 
We are dedicated to being the provider of choice for health and rehabilitation care. We would like to introduce you to our recovery programs by describing key components. These programs were developed to meet the needs of the community and provide enhanced services for patients with specific health needs.
Our programs:

  • Provide a collaborative interdisciplinary team approach to individualized care.
  • Provide staff with advanced knowledge, skills and tools.
  • Provide patient and family education for a successful transition to home.
  • Engage expert physicians in developing protocols and providing high-quality care.

Forward Focus

We understand the importance of being on the forefront of innovative approaches and investing in advanced technologies to meet the growing needs of our communities and the healthcare industry as a whole.
As Restore continues to grow and evolve, our state-of-art care center as well as the patients, residents and families – will experience the benefits of enhanced services and specialized programs.  We will continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies that will allow more time for direct care, resulting in exceptional outcomes for the future.

Our Mission

At Restore, we are steadfast in our desire to achieve a standard of excellence through the delivery of innovative, compassionate and quality care. Our passion for enhancing the lives of others, combined with this focus on clinical excellence, will position Restore as the respected benchmark for post-acute rehabilitation centers in the African market.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To be the leader of rehabilitation medicine in Kenya and in East Africa.

Our Commitment
Our team of therapists is here to make sure that every day you are here is as pleasant and productive as can be.


Opening Hours

  • Inpatient  24 hrs 
  • Outpatient
  • Monday - Friday: 7AM - 6PM
  • Saturday: 10AM - 5PM
  • Sunday: 1PM - 3PM

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