Stroke rehabilitation

Our restore center has advanced capabilities to care for these patients. Our stroke recovery program helps patients return to meaningful roles in life by relearning skills for everyday living. Through this program, our patients benefit from specialized processes, tools and equipment as well as an interdisciplinary team with specific training and extra experience for the conditions they treat.
Our stroke recovery program is designed to help patients achieve positive outcomes through evidence-based clinical care so that each patient can regain function – all with the combination of critical thinking and clinical excellence that has made Restore a leader in the field.

Conditions and Services
We treat a variety of conditions and provide an array of services including, but not limited to:
    Hemorrhaging stroke
    Transient ischemic attacks (TIAs)

Through our stroke recovery program, patients have access to the following:
    Specialty physician expertise
    Physical, occupational and speech therapy available up to seven days a week
    Electrical stimulation physical therapy (E-Stim) to improve strengthening throat muscles
    Advanced, on-site equipment technology such as , treadmills and stationary bikes
    Individualized plan of care for the patient’s specific needs
    Patient and family education
    Healthy lifestyle programs such as nutrition assessments, smoking cessation, stress and weight reduction
    Progressive exercise regimen tailored to fit each patient’s needs and abilities
    On-site case management

Easy Referral, Admission and Discharge
We offer streamlined processes for referral, admission and discharge home. This enables patients to quickly receive the care they need after they leave the hospital and get home faster once they are better. We also feature progressive care planning and education designed to help prepare patients for care at home or transition to a less complex care setting as quickly as their needs allow.

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To be the leader of rehabilitation medicine in Kenya and in East Africa.

Our Commitment
Our team of therapists is here to make sure that every day you are here is as pleasant and productive as can be.


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